Mobile’s Singing Children consists of four choirs which allows for an appropriate placement based on multiple criteria, including prior musical experience. Each spring, singers may audition to be promoted to the next level for the next season. Most singers spend one or two seasons in each of the training choirs.

The Preparatory and Intermezzo choirs typically perform 3-5 times per season.  Concert Choir and Encore! perform locally 5–10 times per season. There are multiple performances associated with the annual tour.

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Preparatory Choir

The Preparatory Choir is a training choir for those singers who need to develop their musical skills and gain more experience with rehearsal/performance situations. The choir aims to instill good vocal habits and build reading skills in its singers. Unison part singing and music theory class are part of the curriculum.

Rehearses Tuesdays, 4pm – 6pm

Intermezzo Choir

The Intermezzo Choir is for singers who are more experienced in using their vocal instrument. This choir aims to instill good vocal habits and to continue reading skills in its singers. Two-part and three-part singing is introduced. Music theory class is part of the curriculum.  

Rehearses Tuesdays, 4pm – 6pm.

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Concert Choir

The Concert Choir is is the premier independent community chorus. This choir is for exceptionally talented young singers in 5th – 12th grade with treble voices. It aims to challenge its members with a wide range of literature and performance experiences. Singers in this choir have demonstrated excellent vocal artistry and musical skill for their age, as well as a fine sense of responsibility and behavior. This choir is the main touring group of Mobile’s Singing Children.  

Rehearses Mondays,  4pm – 6pm


Encore! is for High School singers with one or more years of experience. Some Encore! singers have been members of Mobile’s Singing Children in another ensemble. Other Encore! singers have no previous MSC experience, but may have trained in a church choir or school choir.

Rehearses Mondays, 6pm – 7pm