Vivian HoVivian Ho 3

As a member of MSC, I sang starting in third grade up to the year of my high school graduation. Ten years in MSC taught me the art of lifting my voice up for things I stand for. I gained a sense of discipline, discovered the collective power of working towards a common goal, and found a family. It was not until I left MSC that I truly realized how a choir like MSC, with its high level of musical ability and collaboration, is hard to find. I am simply thankful for all of the memories and moments with MSC.

After my time with Mobile’s Singing Children, I completed my B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University with a concentration in Global Health and Development. I continued my love for music and sang in an an all female a cappella group for three years beginning as a soprano, moving to bass, and stayed as the beatboxer. After graduation, I conducted public health research in Uganda as a Fulbright fellow and spent some time in East Africa working on social entrepreneurship, design, sexual and reproductive health issues, and community empowerment. Currently, I am biking across the country teaching creative writing and STEM workshops in rural America, my last big adventure before starting medical school at Stanford in the fall.