Instructions for MSC Monitors

Thank you for volunteering your time as a monitor!

Please arrive at 3:30pm. Both monitors will stand out by the drive to welcome children and make sure they go directly to the choir room. At 4pm, one parent will go inside by the interior door of the choir room while the second parent remains outside until 4:15pm.

Once rehearsal begins, both monitors will remain in the hall (by Mrs. Hoitt’s office.) If Mrs. Hoitt or a child needs anything, they will come out to you. Please do not interrupt rehearsal. If you have to interrupt, please wait between songs.

The Preparatory and Intermezzo choirs will take turns going to Theory. When they exit, one monitor will stay while the other escorts the children to Theory and waits outside the door until it is time to escort them back.

At 5:55pm, the monitors will go outside and make sure the children get into their cars safely. At least one monitor must remain until all children have left. If a parent doesn’t arrive in a timely manner, ask the child to call so you can speak to the parent.

We ask that the kids walk quietly to and from Theory. If there is a behavior issue, please address it in a kind manner. If the behavior continues, please inform Mrs. Hoitt or Mr. Pryor. Please do not touch a child or raise your voice. Monitors are there to guide or help when needed.

Note: If you are unable to make your assigned date, please let Sherry Bruemmer know as soon as possible. Phone: 251-402-1813. Email: