MSC is hosting auditions throughout August for the 2014-2015 season. Auditions will be held at Spring Hill Presbyterian Church, 10 Westminster Way, Mobile, AL. To schedule your audition time, please contact Director, Susan Hoitt at

Is musical experience required? No. MSC has four choirs: Preparatory, Intermezzo, Concert and Encore. This allows for placement based on multiple criteria, including musical experience. Most students spend a season or two in Preparatory or Intermezzo, our training choirs. For more information about each of the four choirs, please click here.

Does my child need to prepare for the audition? No. During the audition the potential singer will be asked to perform several exercises. Parents should expect the student to make mistakes – part of the process is to evaluate how the child accepts instruction to correct the mistakes. The student may also be questioned about other musical experience and music theory.   

Do we need to bring anything with us? Yes. Before your child’s audition, please click here: 2014-2015 Season Audition Form. Just complete the form and bring it with you the day of your audition. 

How do I schedule an audition? Auditions are by appointment. To schedule your audition time, please contact Director, Susan Hoitt at If you have questions, call 251-285-2285.

For more information about the individual choirs and membership expectations, please click here.