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Mobile’s Singing Children is pleased to announce the members of the Concert Choir for the 2013-14 season. Members were selected through a process of internal and open auditions.

2013-14 Mobile’s Singing Children Concert Choir

2013-14 Mobile’s Singing Children Concert Choir
Front Row: Elizabeth Ann Wright, Leigh Hoitt, Victoria Tanner; Second Row: Emma Loftin, Grace Greenwood, Lindsey Hawkins, Janie Dunwell, Mary Martin True, Virginia Pryor; Third Row: Hannah Evans, Katie Norton, Whitney Wallace, Ruth Harper, Kaliyah Shula, Meredith Mosley, Sarah Jane Shearer, Grant Wallace; Fourth Row: Ginny Spicknall, Isabella Alday, Zach Conner, Madison Lancaster, Bekah Burgess, Caroline Womack, Lauren Wallace, Tamra Gill, Jane Roberts, Rileigh Hawkins, Fifth Row: Teresa Fleming (Accompanist), Kiana Shula, Cameron Bruemmer, Emily Atwood, Gillian Atwood, Bentley Odom, Mallory Odom, Caroline Belue, Madison Green, Katie Jacobs, Susan Hoitt (Director); Not Pictured: Hayden Emmertson, Max Jones, Taylor Emmertson, Emmanuel Gapud, Morgan Myers, Miguel Gapud, Sarah Posey

Mobile’s Singing Children, Inc. president, Stephen Reams said, “As a supporter of MSC for almost two decades, I have personally witnessed these children develop in so many other areas, in addition to their musical growth. They learn the true meaning of dedication, team work, responsibility, leadership, and civic pride. This group will be a shining example of the values that are taught by MSC, their homes, and their community.”

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