Concert Choir Singers:
Rehearsal is cancelled today due to public school closings.  Please spend some time with your music today and review your music theory and sightsinging. 
First year concert singers:  please look over all music and begin memorizing….The Lord is my Shepherd, Ave Maria, and The Gift of Love.  Please work on Dancing Day.  I will be at the church at 4:00 for any new concert choir singers who need one on one help. This would be a great time to get ahead or catch up  🙂
Second year and beyond singers:  please look over the new piece in Dancing Day book.  Also, review your music theory and if you would like some individual help please come at 4:00 today. 
Please keep an eye on emails, Facebook, and website for updated information this week.  There is not a rehearsal on the schedule for next week (Labor Day) so please work hard on your music so that we are not behind.
Thanks and stay safe!
  Mrs. Hoitt